Bioplast, Crab
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Bioplast, Beetle
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Properties of Matter

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Pascal's Principle Demonstrator
Memorable and dramatic demonstration of Pascal's Law that liquid pressure is transmitted equally in ..
SKU: 3544-00
Replacement Glass Only (for the Hoffman Electrolysis)
Spare glass replacement part only for use with Hoffman Electrolysis Apparatus. The graduated ā€œUā€ tub..
SKU: 3155-02
Ring and Ball Apparatus
For demonstrating the expansion or contraction of metals. Consists of two brass rods with insulated ..
SKU: 3226-00
Specific Gravity Bottles, Uncalibrated 25ml
Also called Density Bottles or R.D. Bottles. Recommended For comparison purposes. Also for experienc..
SKU: 3505-02
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