Microscopes and Supplies

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Microscope Glass Slides 1"x3", Pk/72
Clean microscope glass slide. Size 1"x3" (25x75mm). Thickness 1 - 1.2mm. Sold in packs of 72. ..
SKU: 9119-00
Microscope, Hand Held Illuminated, 30X
The 3V built-in-light shines directly on the object for easier viewing. Ideal to view insect and pla..
SKU: 831
Miniature Lamp for Hand Held Microscope, 3V, Pk/10
Replacement 3V bulb for the handheld microscopes (cat#831 and 832). Sold in packs of 10...
SKU: 833
Achromatic "DIN" Microscope Objectives, 10X
Microscope Objective Lens 10x ..
SKU: 1345-10
Achromatic "DIN" Microscope Objectives, 40X
Microscope Parfocal Objective Lens 40x ..
SKU: 1345-15
Glass Coverslips 7/8"x7/8", Pk/100
Glass coverslips are 7/8"x7/8" (22x22mm) and sold 100pcs per box, 0.13 - 0.17mm thickness. ..
SKU: 9119-22
Microscope Plastic Slides 1"x3", Pk/100
Safer than glass, these plastic slides will not break, scratch or cut fingers. No more slides stuck ..
SKU: 9119-30
Microscope Slides with one side frosted, 1"x3", Pk/72
Glass microscope slides with one side frosted. Clean and interleafed. Size 1"x3" (25x75mm). Thicknes..
SKU: 9119-72
Microscope, Shinco-Scope with set of slides
The Shinco Scope needs only available outdoor light or minimal room light. This eliminates the need ..
SKU: 9000-00
Plastic Cover Slips 7/8"x7/8", Pk/100
Safer than glass, these plastic cover slips will not break, scratch or cut fingers. No more cover sl..
SKU: 9119-40
Stereo LED Microscope, Portable Battery Powered, 20X
This Stereo Microscope is a great tool to use for studying specimens of large objects under low magn..
SKU: 1316-00
USB Digital Microscope
New model with adjustable mount and viewing platform. This microscope gives you easy access to a ..
SKU: 1315-00
Widefield "DIN" Microscope Eyepiece
For DIN microscopes only. Magnification: 10X. ..
SKU: 1326-01
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