Bioplast, Crab
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Bioplast, Beetle
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Bug Viewer, Extra Large, 2.5X
A rugged, clear plastic viewer with 3/16" (5mm) squares on the bottom for easy specimen measurement...
SKU: 9112-30
Double Lens Folding Pocket Magnifier
Two convex lenses. Plastic ring dia approx 1-3/8" (35mm). Magnification both lenses 10X single lens ..
SKU: 1017-01
Glass Folding Magnifier Stand 4-1/3"
Folding magnifier, folds flat for storage and opens in a self supporting stand. 2X magnification. 4-..
SKU: 1019-02
Hand Held Round Magnifier Reading Glass, 3"
For examining biological and geological specimens in field and laboratory. A polished optical lens i..
SKU: 1012-02
Magnifier, Triple Lens 2X, 6X, 8X, Clear Plastic
Clear plastic, stackable, triple lens magnifier 2x/6x/8x. Contains a 1" (25mm) dia 2x lens, 5/8" (16..
SKU: 6457-20
Plastic Handheld Magnifier 1-1/2" dia, 3x
Ideal for the classroom, clear plastic magnifiers. Approximately 1-1/2' (38mm) diameter. Magnificati..
SKU: 6457-38
Plastic Handheld Magnifier 2" dia, 3x/6x
Ideal for the classroom, Dual lens plastic handheld magnifier. Approximately 2" (50mm) diameter. Mag..
SKU: 6457-50
Plastic Handheld Magnifier 3" dia, 3x/6x
Ideal for the classroom, Dual lens plastic handheld magnifier. Approximately 3" (75mm) diameter. Mag..
SKU: 6457-75
Plastic Handheld Magnifier 4" dia, 2x/4x magnification
Handheld magnifier with 2x lens and an inserted 4x lens. Plastic rim and handle. Approximately 4" (1..
SKU: 6456-10
Single Lens Eye Loupe, 5X, 2.5" focal Length
Ideal for Hands-Free Examination of Small Objects. The 5X lens in a plastic frame fits comfortably o..
SKU: 4402-00
Triple Lens Folding Pocket Magnifier
Three convex lenses. Plastic ring diameter approx 1-1/4" (30mm). Magnification three lenses 15X two ..
SKU: 1017-02
Tripod Magnifier
For use on the laboratory table. Suitable for elementary biology laboratory, dissections and for clo..
SKU: 1010-09
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