Bioplast, Crab
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Bioplast, Beetle
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Explore our extensive line of biology related products at American Scientific, LLC ranging from our exclusive Shinco Scope to dissection supplies and magnifiers. For elementary and middle school levels, we have a wide selection of bioplast specimens and many types and sizes of magnifiers for observation. For higher levels, we offer a wide selection of prepared slides, multiple microscope options, dissection tools and biological models.

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Microscope Plastic Slides 1"x3", Pk/100
Safer than glass, these plastic slides will not break, scratch or cut fingers. No more slides stuck ..
SKU: 9119-30
Microscope Slides with one side frosted, 1"x3", Pk/72
Glass microscope slides with one side frosted. Clean and interleafed. Size 1"x3" (25x75mm). Thicknes..
SKU: 9119-72
Microscope, Shinco-Scope with set of slides
The Shinco Scope needs only available outdoor light or minimal room light. This eliminates the need ..
SKU: 9000-00
Plastic Bioplast Mount, 5 Stages Frog Life History
Frog Life History 5 stages - The clear plastic embedment protects fragile specimens and provides an ..
SKU: WD3112
Plastic Blunt Tip Forceps / Tweezers, 5", Each
Straight, economy, medium tip dissection forceps ideal for picking up small objects. Made of durable..
SKU: 1055-55
Plastic Cover Slips 7/8"x7/8", Pk/100
Safer than glass, these plastic cover slips will not break, scratch or cut fingers. No more cover sl..
SKU: 9119-40
Plastic Fine Tip Forceps / Tweezers, 5", Pk/12
Straight, economy, fine tip dissection forceps. Made of durable plastic with blocks that keep the fo..
SKU: 1055-06
Plastic Handheld Magnifier 1-1/2" dia, 3x
Ideal for the classroom, clear plastic magnifiers. Approximately 1-1/2' (38mm) diameter. Magnificati..
SKU: 6457-38
Plastic Handheld Magnifier 2" dia, 3x/6x
Ideal for the classroom, Dual lens plastic handheld magnifier. Approximately 2" (50mm) diameter. Mag..
SKU: 6457-50
Plastic Handheld Magnifier 3" dia, 3x/6x
Ideal for the classroom, Dual lens plastic handheld magnifier. Approximately 3" (75mm) diameter. Mag..
SKU: 6457-75
Plastic Handheld Magnifier 4" dia, 2x/4x magnification
Handheld magnifier with 2x lens and an inserted 4x lens. Plastic rim and handle. Approximately 4" (1..
SKU: 6456-10
Plastic Staining Jar
For staining microscope slides with dyes or chemicals. Has five grooves to hold 10 standard 1" x 3" ..
SKU: 2202-01
Pop-Up Butterfly Cage 24"
Witness the wonder of the butterfly life cycle with this child and insect friendly habitat. This 24”..
SKU: 9115-24
Prepared Slide Set D, Intermediate Biology, Set/25
This is a general slide set good for intermediate students in biology. All slides are labeled and pa..
SKU: 1400-00
Prepared Slides, 14-Oscillatoria Wm, Each
Quality glass prepared slides are individually labeled and packed 50pcs in a plastic case. Price is ..
SKU: 70-1007
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