Bioplast, Crab
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Bioplast, Beetle
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Explore our extensive line of biology related products at American Scientific, LLC ranging from our exclusive Shinco Scope to dissection supplies and magnifiers. For elementary and middle school levels, we have a wide selection of bioplast specimens and many types and sizes of magnifiers for observation. For higher levels, we offer a wide selection of prepared slides, multiple microscope options, dissection tools and biological models.

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Achromatic "DIN" Microscope Objectives, 10X
Microscope Objective Lens 10x ..
SKU: 1345-10
Achromatic "DIN" Microscope Objectives, 40X
Microscope Parfocal Objective Lens 40x ..
SKU: 1345-15
Ant Habitat
Gel contains all nutrients needed for the ants to thrive - no additional food or water needed!! W..
SKU: 9110-31
Bent Teasing Needles with Plastic Handle, Pk/12
Bent Stainless-steel needles mounted in plastic handles. Pack of 12. ..
SKU: 1082-02
Bowles Stethoscope Diaphragm Type
A simple and sturdy instrument for students to detect feeble sounds like heart beats. Consists of a ..
SKU: 3646-02
Bug Viewer, Extra Large, 2.5X
A rugged, clear plastic viewer with 3/16" (5mm) squares on the bottom for easy specimen measurement...
SKU: 9112-30
Dissecting Straight Scissors, Sharp/Sharp, 4 1/2"
Dissecting scissors with closed shank, sharp/sharp points, and straight blades. Made of nickel plate..
SKU: 1072-03
Double Lens Folding Pocket Magnifier
Two convex lenses. Plastic ring dia approx 1-3/8" (35mm). Magnification both lenses 10X single lens ..
SKU: 1017-01
Frog Dissection Model
The perfect tool for teaching frog anatomy to any science or biology classroom. It is large enough t..
SKU: 1540-15
Glass Coverslips 7/8"x7/8", Pk/100
Glass coverslips are 7/8"x7/8" (22x22mm) and sold 100pcs per box, 0.13 - 0.17mm thickness. ..
SKU: 9119-22
Glass Folding Magnifier Stand 4-1/3"
Folding magnifier, folds flat for storage and opens in a self supporting stand. 2X magnification. 4-..
SKU: 1019-02
Hand Held Round Magnifier Reading Glass, 3"
For examining biological and geological specimens in field and laboratory. A polished optical lens i..
SKU: 1012-02
Hand Microtome
Economically priced tool is a must for use in preparing tissue sections. Size: 2" D x 2-1/4" H (50x5..
SKU: 6399-20
LED Ant Habitat
Gel contains all nutrients needed for the ants to thrive - no additional food or water needed!! W..
SKU: 9110-30
Magnifier, Triple Lens 2X, 6X, 8X, Clear Plastic
Clear plastic, stackable, triple lens magnifier 2x/6x/8x. Contains a 1" (25mm) dia 2x lens, 5/8" (16..
SKU: 6457-20
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