Bioplast, Crab
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Bioplast, Beetle
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Air Core Solenoid
To provide external magnetic field where required and to change the rate of magnetic flux passing th..
SKU: 3172-00
Levitating Globe
This Levitating Globe defies gravity and inspires wonder and amazement! Great for a classroom, offic..
SKU: 3169-00
Lorentz Force Demo
This compact, self-contained unit is useful for demonstrating the Lorentz force exerted by magnetic ..
SKU: 3737-00
Magnetic Field Pattern Kit Transparent
A transparent frame containing magnetic particles in a water based solution for showing magnetic fie..
Replacement Bulb (Tube) for Lorentz Force Demo
Replacement Bulb (Tube) for the Lorentz Force Demo (Cat#3737-00). ..
SKU: 3737-01
Acrylic Cube with Magnet and Iron Filings in Center
Mess free magnetic field study - no need to clean up iron filings. The clear cube is filled with iro..
SKU: 3615-00
Alnico Bar Magnet 1-1/2", Pair
These strong alnico alloy magnets are painted red with a white dot to indicate the north pole. Size:..
SKU: N38
Alnico Bar Magnet 6"x1/2"x1/4", Pair
These alnico bar magnets have poles designated N and S for eacy identification by young students. Si..
SKU: 3126-06
Alnico Bar Set/2, 3"x3/8"x5/8"
High quality, poweful alnico alloy bar magnet with a nice red enamel finish. Poles identified. 2 lb ..
Bumper Cars, Pair
Bumper cars only. Great addition to our magnetic floating ring set (FRSET36). Size 4 x 2 x 2.5 in (1..
Ceramic Bar Magnet 1-1/2"x1"x25/64"
Ceramic magnet bar. Extremely powerful. Approximate dimensions are: 1-1/2" (40mm) Length x 1" (25mm)..
SKU: 3113-02
Compass 5/8", Pk/4
Detect slight magnitism is every day object such as metals, watches, etc. When compasses are arrange..
This electromagnet can hold over 2lbs! When the current is removed the unit does not carry residual ..
SKU: 3165-02
Elementary Magnetic Set
This set is a great starter kit for children to learn about the science of magnets. It combines..
SKU: 4020-00
Iron Filings Chips 50g Plastic Vial
A rare find! These pieces of reusable zinc-plated iron wire replace the messy, rust-prone iron powde..
SKU: 3124-00
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