Bioplast, Crab
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Bioplast, Beetle
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Energy Energy

Electricity, Magnetism, Motion, Sound, Heat and more! Learning about the different types of energy is one of the most exciting areas of science! American Scientific, LLC has an extensive selection of supplies to fill your customers’ laboratories with items like our Ripple Tanks, Drinking Birds, Resonance Bowls, magnets, compasses, and more.

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Aluminum Tuning Fork 480Hz
Tuning fork 480Hz. For demonstrating the relationship between sound and vibrations, the energy trans..
SKU: 3610-16
Aluminum Tuning Fork 512Hz
Tuning fork 512Hz. For demonstrating the relationship between sound and vibrations, the energy trans..
SKU: 3610-18
Aluminum Tuning Fork Set/8 with Mallet, Wooden Box
Economy aluminum tuning fork set in a wooden storage box. Each fork has a place in the foam lining d..
SKU: 7020-40
For use in measuring the force and direction of the wind. Holes for secure attachment. Made of sturd..
SKU: 6577-00
Balloon Hand Air Pump
Hand pump for our Balloon Helicopter Kit (cat#7030-00). ..
SKU: 7030-02
Balloon Helicopter Kit, Pk/12 (Classroom Pack)
Effectively demonstrates Newton's Third Law with this exciting and simple product. Balloon Helicopte..
SKU: 7030-03
Basic Meter
Great value when you can demonstrate voltmeter and ammeter by simply sliding the scales. Very conven..
SKU: 3232-30
Bulb Holder with Fahnestock Clips, Pk/10
Open bulb miniature socket. Consists of a 1-3/4" (45mm) diameter plastic base with two plated Fahnes..
SKU: 3163-01
Bumper Cars, Pair
Bumper cars only. Great addition to our magnetic floating ring set (FRSET36). Size 4 x 2 x 2.5 in (1..
Buzzer with Lead Wires 1.5V
Great buzzer for science fair projects. Works on 1.5 V DC (any AA, AA, C or D battery will do). Crea..
SKU: 4009-15
Calorimeter Set/2
For determining specific heat, heat of fusion and heat of vaporization. Consists of two polished spu..
SKU: 3235-00
Carbon Electrode Rod 9"
This carbon electrode rod is used for electrolysis of reactive materials like hydrochloric acid and ..
SKU: 3151-41
Carbon Rod, 4", Pk/10
Carbon rod is 4" long x 5/32" diameter (100x4mm). Sold in packs of 10. ..
Ceramic Bar Magnet 1-1/2"x1"x25/64"
Ceramic magnet bar. Extremely powerful. Approximate dimensions are: 1-1/2" (40mm) Length x 1" (25mm)..
SKU: 3113-02
Compass 5/8", Pk/4
Detect slight magnitism is every day object such as metals, watches, etc. When compasses are arrange..
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