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Bioplast, Beetle
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Energy Energy

Electricity, Magnetism, Motion, Sound, Heat and more! Learning about the different types of energy is one of the most exciting areas of science! American Scientific, LLC has an extensive selection of supplies to fill your customers’ laboratories with items like our Ripple Tanks, Drinking Birds, Resonance Bowls, magnets, compasses, and more.

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Steel Horseshoe Magnet 4"
Suitable for many experimental and demonstration needs in general science and physics laboratory. Tr..
SKU: 3102-03
Steel Tuning Fork in a Styrofoam Box, Set/8
Tuning fork set of 8 in a styrofoam box. Tuning forks are Individually constructed of forged steel. ..
SKU: 3620-00F
Steel Tuning Fork in a Wooden Box, Set/8
Tuning fork set of 8 in a wooden case. Tuning forks are Individually constructed of forged steel. Pl..
SKU: 3620-00
Stirling Generator
A quality desktop Stirling Engine using an external heat source to create a temperature difference p..
SKU: 1000-14
Sympathetic Differential Tuning Fork Set/2 with Mallet, Wooden Block
A combination tuning fork set that allows two demonstrations. Without the weights, one fork responds..
SKU: 7120-90
Technical Frequency Aluminum Tuning Fork Set/4
Acoustics engineers and physics teachers use these multiples to simplify calculations and tonal meas..
SKU: 7120-00
Thermoelectric Generator Demonstrator
Bring the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics to life using this device that can act as a refrigerator or a he..
SKU: 1000-12
Tuning Fork Mallet
For activating tuning forks. Made of wood with a rubber surface. ..
SKU: 3623-00
Tuning Fork Set/13 with Mallet, Wooden Box
Tuning Fork set in a wooden storage box. Each fork has a place in the foam lining die-cut for easy s..
SKU: 7020-50
Tuning Fork Set/4
Tuning fork set of 4 includes one each of the following frequencies: 256, 320, 384, 512. ..
SKU: 7120-10
Tuning Fork, Aluminum Premium Technical, Adjustable
This high-quality, aluminum tuning fork delivers fine tones in 7 frequencies. Features adjustable we..
SKU: 7120-40
Two Potato Clock
Make your Fruits and Vegetables work for you. By inserting the zinc and copper strips into the potat..
SKU: 9456-50
U Shape Electromagnet
Model of lifting magnet used in industry, such as scrap metal lifter. Consists of two plastic bobbin..
SKU: 3165-01
U-Shaped Magnet 3"
3" (75mm) chrome steel U-shaped magnet with keeper. Finished in red and blue baked paint. Pole of ma..
SKU: AR-110
Wimshurst Machine
For generating static electric charges and causing electric discharges. Relative to Van de Graaf it ..
SKU: 3131-01
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