Bioplast, Crab
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Bioplast, Beetle
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Energy Energy

Electricity, Magnetism, Motion, Sound, Heat and more! Learning about the different types of energy is one of the most exciting areas of science! American Scientific, LLC has an extensive selection of supplies to fill your customers’ laboratories with items like our Ripple Tanks, Drinking Birds, Resonance Bowls, magnets, compasses, and more.

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Pulley with Table Clamp
Useful for experiments in which a pulley needs to be supported at various heights and angles. Pulley..
SKU: 3467-00
Radiation Cans Set/3
Radiation cans for demonstrating solar energy and heat transfer. Just add water and a thermometer (o..
SKU: AR-725
Rattleback, Pk/10
The Rattleback is a long and thin half elliptical shape formed in plastic so that it has a slightly ..
SKU: 9222-23
Receptacle for Miniature Lamp
For flash lamp bulbs. Consists of a rolled shell of brass mounted in a plastic base with two screw t..
SKU: 3161-01
Rectangular Bar Magnet, Pair 58X12.6X3
Small but mighty. Strongest magnet available for the price, sold in sets of 2. Dimensions: 58 mm x ..
SKU: 3117-00
Replacement Balloon
Replacement Balloon for our Balloon Helicopter Kit (cat#7030-00)...
SKU: 7030-01
This fascinating anti-gravity demonstration works on the principle of repelling magnets and is ideal..
SKU: 3164-00
Ring and Disk Moment of Inertia Apparatus
For studying the dependence of movement of inertia on the distribution of mass, by rolling down a me..
SKU: 3479-00
Room Thermometer with Flat Metal Back, Celsius / Fahrenheit.
For classroom or outdoor use. Spirit-filled glass thermometer mounted on a rustproof aluminum plate ..
SKU: 1202-01
Room Thermometer with V Shape Metal Back, Celsius / Fahrenheit
For classroom or outdoor use. Spirit-filled glass thermometer mounted on a rust-proof v-back aluminu..
SKU: 1203-11
Seismic Accelerator
Check out this cool product! Watch the red ball rockets into the air up to five times the original d..
SKU: 7050-00
Series / Parallel Bulb Holder
This bulb holder is a simple but effective tool to explore series and parallel circuits. Five bulbs ..
SKU: 2118-05
Singing Rods Set/2
A must for explorations of sound and waves, these rods are an easy way to demonstrate longitudinal w..
SKU: 3637-00
Soft Iron Rod
For uses involving changing magnetic flux in electromagnets, electric motors, generators and transfo..
SKU: 3181-01
Solar Cell Dolly Transparent
Discover how sunlight can be converted to energy.  Experiment with changing the angle of the so..
SKU: 1000-13-C
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