Bioplast, Crab
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Bioplast, Beetle
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Energy Energy

Electricity, Magnetism, Motion, Sound, Heat and more! Learning about the different types of energy is one of the most exciting areas of science! American Scientific, LLC has an extensive selection of supplies to fill your customers’ laboratories with items like our Ripple Tanks, Drinking Birds, Resonance Bowls, magnets, compasses, and more.

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Air Core Solenoid
To provide external magnetic field where required and to change the rate of magnetic flux passing th..
SKU: 3172-00
All Glass Drinking Bird
This classic toy got a total makeover! This all glass, eye catching drinking bird will look like a p..
SKU: 7010-20
Balloon Helicopter Kit
Effectively demonstrates Newton's Third Law with this exciting and simple product. Balloon Helicopte..
SKU: 7030-00
Bernoulli Bag, Pk/4
How many breaths does it take to fill up an 8ft long plastic tube?? JUST ONE! Explore Bernoulli's..
SKU: 7040-00
Classic Drinking Bird
Drinking Bird works using properties of thermodynamics, converting thermal energy into mechanical en..
SKU: 7010-10
Electric Paint Pen
This special paint can help create electrical circuits on almost any surface. It is nontoxic electri..
SKU: 9200-10
Energy Ball
New & Improved! Now with longer battery life, upgraded electronics, and battery pull tab to pres..
SKU: 6580-00
Levitating Globe
This Levitating Globe defies gravity and inspires wonder and amazement! Great for a classroom, offic..
SKU: 3169-00
Long Metal Spring 6"x3"
For simple wave studies. Edge wound spring. 6"x3" (150x75mm). Extends to a maximum of 30 feet. Incl..
SKU: 3638-01
Lorentz Force Demo
This compact, self-contained unit is useful for demonstrating the Lorentz force exerted by magnetic ..
SKU: 3737-00
Magnetic Field Pattern Kit Transparent
A transparent frame containing magnetic particles in a water based solution for showing magnetic fie..
Mat for the Resonance Bowl
This mat is a must have when using our Resonance Bowl! Because of the material and design it helps p..
SKU: 6579-10
Metal Spring 2-1/3"x3"
For simple wave studies. Edge wound spring. 2-1/3" length x 3" diameter (60x75mm). Extends to a maxi..
SKU: 3638-02
Mini Ripple Tank
This apparatus uses modern technology to completely update the Ripple Tank concept to provide a comp..
SKU: 3338-01
Plastic Spring
Low-cost wave demonstration spring. 3-1/8" (80mm). ..
SKU: 3638-03
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