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Demonstration Devices

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Laser Optical Disc Set
Complete optics set for demonstration. This kit uses a compact yet powerful Laser Ray Box which has ..
SKU: 5133-00
Candle Holder for Optical Bench
This nickel plated, metal candle holder holds 1 candle as a light source on a meterstick optical ben..
SKU: 2060-01
Laser Refraction Tank with Geometric Optics
This self contained unit allows students to measure and study refraction of light. The angle of inci..
SKU: 6332-00
Laser Refraction Tank with Laser and Batteries
A self-contained unit to measure and study refraction of light. Incident and refractive rays are eas..
SKU: 6330-00
Lens and Mirror Support for Optical Bench
Used to hold lenses and circular mirrors on a meterstick optical bench. Size, 1-3/8" (35mm) to 1-1/2..
SKU: 2060-04
Object and Marker for Optical Bench
Use as an image for lens and mirror experiments on a meterstick optical bench. Metal...
SKU: 2060-03
Screen for Optical Bench, Pk/5
This screen is used on a meterstick optical bench. The scale measures 10 cm in 1-mm increments on wh..
SKU: 2060-00
Screen Support for Optical Bench
Supports cardboard or lightweight metal screens on a meterstick optical bench with a small pair of c..
SKU: 2060-02
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