Bioplast, Crab
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Bioplast, Beetle
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Demonstration Devices

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Bottle Connector
Plastic connecting tube which, when connecting two bottles, demonstrates tornado and vortex effects...
SKU: 6455-55
Advanced Gas Laws Demo with Temperature
This unique, compact apparatus simplifies the ideal gas law and the relationship between the pressur..
SKU: 7415-00
Atmospheric Mat with Hook
**** NEW PRODUCT **** This durable, thick rubber mat has a simple design that demonstrates a powerf..
SKU: AR-510
Coin and Feather Demo
Great for demonstrating that heavy and light objects fall at the same rate in a vacuum. Made of a tr..
SKU: 3550-00
Friction Block, Four Sided
Our four sided friction block shows different frictional characteristics affect the force required t..
SKU: AR-790
Hall's Carriage
This sturdy carriage has a one piece, high-impact plastic body. The machined aluminum wheels and axl..
SKU: 8211-11
Discover air pressure like never before.  With just a balloon and a bottle, it has the "WOW" fa..
SKU: 6080-40
Large Inclined Plane
Measure forces at work precisely and reliably through fun experiments with this high quality and ver..
SKU: 3481-20
Magdeburg Hemisphere
For demonstration of air pressure and vacuums. Made of flexible synthetic rubber. 2” (50mm) diameter..
SKU: 3563-00
Plumb Bob
Made from hexagonal steel rod by carefully machine turning to a sharpened point. Dimensions are appr..
SKU: 3460-00
Pulley for Force Table
Spare pulley for the force table (Cat#3462-00). ..
SKU: 3462-11
Vacuum Bell Jar Demo
Our quality bell jar demo is a great tool to discover how sound requires a medium to travel, and oth..
SKU: 6080-01
Vacuum Pump, Electrical with Gauge, 110 volts
Great for pressure and gravity experiments this high quality, efficient vacuum pump produces less no..
SKU: 6080-00
Vacuum Pump, Hand Held with Gauge
Use this handheld vacuum pump to remove air for experimental purposes Works well with the Guinea and..
SKU: 6076-11
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