Bioplast, Crab
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Bioplast, Beetle
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We have everything you need to learn about friction, force, motion, mass, gravity and more at American Scientific, LLC! Weights, scales, timers, masses, our new 6 pack of 1 Newton Apples and many more products are sure to make an impression on all age groups!

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Digital Timer with 2 Photogates
Digital timer with 2 photogates. 4 digit display. A/C adapter, 110v. ..
SKU: AR-704
Digital Timer with Photogates
Digital timer with photogates for Air Track Apparatus (cat#AR-700). 3 digit display. A/C adapter, 11..
SKU: AR-702
Double Plastic Pulley
Made of rigid colored plastic with deep V-grooves. Balanced for free movement. Pulleys are about 50m..
SKU: 3470-02
Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are often associated with their military or police uses ..
SKU: 3700-00
Friction Block, Four Sided
Our four sided friction block shows different frictional characteristics affect the force required t..
SKU: AR-790
General Purpose Weight Set/8 in Wooden Box, 1-50g
For general laboratory work. Plated brass weights (masses) with knob in a wooden case having a hinge..
SKU: 3416-08
Hall's Carriage
This sturdy carriage has a one piece, high-impact plastic body. The machined aluminum wheels and axl..
SKU: 8211-11
Hanger for Slotted Weights 50g
The hanger has a top hook and a precise weight of 50g that makes this hanger ideal for use with slot..
SKU: 3411-50
Discover air pressure like never before.  With just a balloon and a bottle, it has the "WOW" fa..
SKU: 6080-40
Large Inclined Plane
Measure forces at work precisely and reliably through fun experiments with this high quality and ver..
SKU: 3481-20
Magdeburg Hemisphere
For demonstration of air pressure and vacuums. Made of flexible synthetic rubber. 2” (50mm) diameter..
SKU: 3563-00
Magic Wire Illusion
These fascinating illusion wires are seemingly never ending. As you pull them apart they appear to b..
SKU: 3194-01
Measuring Tape Metric/English 60" (150cm), Pk/10
Reinforced plastic measuring tape. Measures one side 60" and the other side 150cm. Sold as packs of ..
SKU: 3966-00
Meter Stick Dual Scale Metal Ends
High Quality 7mm thick hardwood meter stick with permanently engraved black scales in Metric and Eng..
SKU: 2192-98
Meter Stick Dual Scale Varnished
High Quality 7mm thick hardwood meter stick with permanently engraved black scales in Metric and Eng..
SKU: 2192-97
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