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Bioplast, Beetle
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We have everything you need to learn about friction, force, motion, mass, gravity and more at American Scientific, LLC! Weights, scales, timers, masses, our new 6 pack of 1 Newton Apples and many more products are sure to make an impression on all age groups!

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Bottle Connector
Plastic connecting tube which, when connecting two bottles, demonstrates tornado and vortex effects...
SKU: 6455-55
Newton's Apples, Pk/6
Feel the force of 1 Newton and learn about how we measure force. Comes with Instructions. Sold in pa..
SKU: 5146-00
Advanced Gas Laws Demo with Temperature
This unique, compact apparatus simplifies the ideal gas law and the relationship between the pressur..
SKU: 7415-00
Air Blower
Single speed air blower for Air Track Apparatus (cat#AR-700). A/C adapter, 110v. ..
SKU: AR-703
Air Track Apparatus Complete
This device used to measure uniformly accelerated motion and determine gravitational acceleration. I..
SKU: AR-700
Arm Only for Blue Plastic Balance
Arm only for Blue Plastic Balance. ..
SKU: 5100-00A
Atmospheric Mat with Hook
**** NEW PRODUCT **** This durable, thick rubber mat has a simple design that demonstrates a powerf..
SKU: AR-510
Blue Plastic Balance
This sensitive and accurate balance is perfect for measuring and comparing. Made of sturdy washable ..
SKU: 5100-00
Coin and Feather Demo
Great for demonstrating that heavy and light objects fall at the same rate in a vacuum. Made of a tr..
SKU: 3550-00
Counter / Timer
This stopwatch has 3 Easy to use large, red buttons LAP, ON/RESEST & START/STOP. Comes with a Cl..
SKU: 9456-30
Cylindrical Mass with Hook, 1000g
Cast Iron cylindrical mass with hook for general science and physics laboratory work. Black enameled..
SKU: 3406-07
Cylindrical Mass with Hook, Set/9
For general science and physics laboratory work. Supplied in a plastic block. Includes masses with h..
SKU: 3406-00
Deluxe Brass Slotted Weight Set/8 with Hanger
Polished brass weights are slotted and supplied on a metal rack and 50g brass hanger. Includes total..
SKU: 3410-08
Deluxe Trundle Wheel
A trundle wheel makes long distances easy to measure. Just roll the wheel along the ground to measur..
SKU: 6578-00
Digital Stopwatch with Lanyard, Silver/Black
A must for all sport and technical applications. Features include 1/100 second stopwatch, split/lap ..
SKU: 9456-05
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