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Acrylic Ball 1"
Ball, diameter 1" (25mm). Made of clear acrylic. ..
SKU: 3516-00
Acrylic Cube 1"
Cube, 1" (25mm) sides. Made of clear acrylic. ..
SKU: 3515-00
Acrylic Cylinder 1"x1"
Cylinder, diameter 1"x1" (25x25mm). Made of clear acrylic. ..
SKU: 3517-00
Advanced Student Microscope
For junior high to college level students as well as for the hobbyists. Comprised of a horseshoe typ..
SKU: 1310-00
Bucket and Cylinder
To demonstrate that a body submerged in water loses weight equal to the volume of water it displaces..
SKU: 3534-00
C-Clamps 2"
For clamping two apparatuses together or securing an apparatus to a table top. Also useful for setti..
SKU: 3554-01
Clear Plastic Geoboard 9"x9"
11 pegs x 11 pegs, clear plastic geoboard, numbered, one sided. Note: This is a closeout item. Limi..
SKU: GEO-900
Connection Wire with Alligator Clips Red / Black / Yellow / White / Green 14", Pk/10
Jumper cords are 14" (355mm) long and 22 gauge with insulated alligator clips. Comes with two of eac..
Cork Borer Sharpener
For sharpening hollow cork borers from 3/16" to 7/8" (5mm to 22mm) in diameter. Contains brass cone ..
SKU: 2095-00
Cork Borers Set/3
Made of plated sharpened brass tubing with attached handles including a steel punch Set of 3. Includ..
SKU: 2093-01
Cork Borers Set/6
Made of plated sharpened brass tubing with attached handles including a steel punch Set of 6. Includ..
SKU: 2093-02
Crucible Triangles Porcelain 50mm
For supporting crucibles and dishes when heating on gas burner etc. With pipe stems on galvanized ir..
SKU: 5313-01
Drying Tubes, 150x22mm
For drying gases with desiccants such as granular calcium chloride, magnesium perchlorate etc. Made ..
SKU: 5554-04
Electrostatic Discharge Tongs, Adjustable
Adjustable metal discharge tongs, consisting of a plasic insulated handle with two arching metal rod..
SKU: 2120-10
Funnels, Polypropylene, 5"
For conveniently pouring liquids in containers. Size: 5". Note: This is a closeout item. Limited av..
SKU: 2209-44
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