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Solar UV Beads, Pk/250
Solar UV Beads, Pk/250

Solar UV Beads, Pk/250

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If it is cloudy out, is it still important to wear sunscreen?

Do all sunglasses porivide equal protection?

These solar beads change from white to colorful when exposed to a UV light source; the more UV light, the brighter they become. You can use them to help answer the above questions and more! Learn about UV rays, where they come from, and what affects they have.

Useful for science, health, as well as arts and crafts (make cool bracelets, or necklaces, glue them to make mosaics...the possibilites are endless).

Multicolored. Sold in boxes of 250pcs (or 1000pcs - Item # ASB-1000).

Comes with a helpful Teacher's Guide and reproducible Student Handout.

Teacher's Guide Coming Soon!
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