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Bernoulli Bag, Pk/4
Bernoulli Bag, Pk/4

Bernoulli Bag, Pk/4

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How many breaths does it take to fill up an 8ft long plastic tube?? JUST ONE!

Explore Bernoulli's principle of air pressure with this long plastic bag. By placing it firmly to your mouth (like a balloon), it will take many breaths to blow it up. But if you hold it out in front of your mouth and blow, air pressure in the stream you produce is reduced, entrapping surrounding air to join in filling up the bag. So you can blow it up with a single breath! This is especially effective after your students have counted many of their own breaths in attempting to fill up the bag! Comes with a Teacher's Guide.


Teacher's Guide Click on icon below to download: <hr /><a href="/image/data/guides/7040-00BernoulliBagSmall.pdf"><img src="/image/data/guides/Adobe_PDF_Icon_small.png" /></a>
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