Bioplast, Crab
SKU: 10-3800
Bioplast, Beetle
SKU: 10-3700


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All Glass Drinking Bird
This classic toy got a total makeover! This all glass, eye catching drinking bird will look like a p..
SKU: 7010-20
Balloon Helicopter Kit
Effectively demonstrates Newton's Third Law with this exciting and simple product. Balloon Helicopte..
SKU: 7030-00
Beaker Mug with Handle, 400ml
Its unique handle makes an ordinary beaker easier to use. It is ideal for the office or at home for ..
SKU: 5721-02
Beaker Mug with Handle, 600ml
Handle makes an ordinary beaker easier to use. Ideal in the office or at home for hot and cold drink..
SKU: 5721-00
Bernoulli Bag, Pk/4
How many breaths does it take to fill up an 8ft long plastic tube?? JUST ONE! Explore Bernoulli's..
SKU: 7040-00
Bottle Connector
Plastic connecting tube which, when connecting two bottles, demonstrates tornado and vortex effects...
SKU: 6455-55
Butterfly Cage Pavilion
This approximately 11" (280mm) diameter and 37” (925mm) high (net cage) butterfly pavilion is an exc..
SKU: 9114-48
Caffeine Mug with Handle 400ml
On one side of this clear beaker mug enameled in white is a caffeine molecule. On the other side it ..
SKU: 5717-06C
Classic Drinking Bird
Drinking Bird works using properties of thermodynamics, converting thermal energy into mechanical en..
SKU: 7010-10
Energy Ball
New & Improved! Now with longer battery life, upgraded electronics, and battery pull tab to pres..
SKU: 6580-00
Erlenmeyer Flask, Wide Neck with Handle 500ml
Flasks with handles are much safer and easier to use in the laboratory. These borosilicate, heat res..
SKU: 5717-02
Heat Pack 4"x4"
The 4"x4" (100x100mm) hand warmer contains a super saturated solution of water and sodium acetate. S..
SKU: 3227-02
Heat Pack 8"x8"
The 8"x8" (200x200mm) hand warmer contains a super saturated solution of water and sodium acetate. S..
SKU: 3227-03
Laser Optical Disc Set
Complete optics set for demonstration. This kit uses a compact yet powerful Laser Ray Box which has ..
SKU: 5133-00
Levitating Globe
This Levitating Globe defies gravity and inspires wonder and amazement! Great for a classroom, offic..
SKU: 3169-00
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