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Prepared Slide Set D, Intermediate Biology, Set/25

Prepared Slide Set D, Intermediate Biology, Set/25

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This is a general slide set good for intermediate students in biology. All slides are labeled and packed in a plastic case. The slides included are: Count 25 slides. * mitosis in plants * pollen grains w.m. * amoeba w.m. * yeast cells w.m. * green algae spirogyra * letter E * tape worm t.s. * silk fabric w.m. * lily leaf v.s * skin cells v.s. * mammal lung t.s. * meiosis in animals * aves feather w.m. * lily stamen t.s. * mammal hair w.m. * mosquito mouth parts w.m. * house fly mouth parts w.m. * amphibian blood smear (frog blood smear) * human blood smear * onion cells w.m. * hibiscus stem t.s. * wool fabric w.m. * fish scale w.m. * skeletal muscles w.m. * monocot stem c.s. (herbaceous stem-young t.s.)

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