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Nitinol Memory Spring Coil
Nitinol Memory Spring Coil

Nitinol Memory Spring Coil

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Nitinol (pronounced "night-in-all") is an alloy metal that stands for Nickel (Ni), Titanium (Ti), and the "NOL" stands for the Naval Ordnance Laboratory where it was discovered. Bend it, then drop it into hot water and watch it return to its original shape!  This crystalline metal changes phase around 45C/113. You can also retrain this wire by annealing it.  First bend it into the desired shape, heat it to a dull red glow along the entire length then cool it by immersing it in water. After cooling, the wire can be deformed but will instantly return to its newly trained shape by dunking it into hot water!

Spring Coil inner diameter: 20mm, pitch: 1mm (spacing between loops), approx height of coiled spring 0.5",  length of wire: 18", thickness: 0.75mm, standard transition temperature: very hot tap water or 45C/113F.

Comes with a Teacher's Guide.

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